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i remember the days when you honored me with sweeter titles.

(if you think valmont ever stopped loving merteuil: you are incorrect)

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Playing on your broken speakers / me asleep and warm inside your arms / no it's never like what it used to be / maybe it just never really was OF COURSE he still loved her, she said it herself that he wouldn't be that cruel without love, due to his awful self-destructive pride. And she loved him too. I feel like some Liaisons narratives try to downplay his feelings to play Madonna/Whore with his feelings for her and Merteuil. They are different kinds of love, born of two different types of objectification, and he's not really capable of something whole. They couldn't deal with their equality, with their duality in the context of romance, because sex and love was always about winning for them. I hate them. Your mixes are always so great.

@godbewithyouihavedone thank you!! it's nice to be appreciated in this very, very small fandomish thing. what kills me about valmont and merteuil is that at the beginning he is so much more invested in this relationship than she is; we sort of get the feeling that she decided it would be best for them to part ways, and he's still utterly devoted to her and willing to obey her commands for the promise of being with her again. then of course by the end of the book Everything's Gone To Shit and the dynamic flips a little. she's never as subservient to him as he is to her, but she certainly is the one who cares more about keeping him with her. anyway that's why i lie around making depressing mixes about how in love they were all the time