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totally illogical

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OMG! I was grinning all the way through and then reached Highly Illogical and just about died. What a delightful distraction from working on my thesis.

Um.... honestly you pretty much had me sold on this mix based on your description alone. I wish there were more ST mixes like this - cracktastic, just like the canon.

aw thank you, yeah i always hate when i'm listening to a fan mix and it's like "wtf does this have to do with anything it doesn't apply at all" & star trek already had so much great fan music actually about the show, i thought it'd be great to make a literal fan mix. i'm glad you like it!

omFG 8tracks says the genres are "christian rock" and "christian" i'm laughing so hard (it's true ofc) hahahahahahaha
anyway, this mix is awesome! :D

hahahaa i noticed that after i published it & i think 2 of the bands do a lot of christian music so i guess that's where it came from lol & thank you so much!