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This playlist is a goddamn work of art and I think I love you. I actually used a lot of the same songs in my "Run, Little Rabbit, Run" collection! David is such an amazing character because he seems so nice but there's so much awfulness lurking underneath the surface. He acts like this righteous, man-of-God leader, and then he serves human for dinner and has no qualms about raping and murdering very young girls. He's one of my favorite villains... and his death scene is also one of my favorites, ever. There's just something so satisfying about the crunch of the machete. Anyway, I'm rambling because it's 2:30 in the morning, but thank you so much for the great playlist! I needed some new jams to inspire my NaNoWriMo novel. :)

@vegancannibal ASDFGHJKL THANK YOU! David is a piece of fucking trash. I can't even with him. That being said, he's a fantastic villain who is undoubtedly one of my favourite TLOU characters. His big bad breakdown and showdown with Ellie was so intense. I loved it. His death scene was deliciously ironic and suuuper disturbing. No, you're not rambling. I'm really glad you liked my mix enough to comment and talk about actual cannibal Shia Le—David. I rarely get to geek out about things I enjoy so being able to respond to a fellow fan is, like, the coolest thing ever.

@elliewilliams Yeah!!! He's a great villain. So creepy. And the playlist was great for him! I stole one of the songs for my playlist. hope you don't mind. ^_^