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Articulate Folks


I’d always been a self-taught vocalist. Those who offered advice on how to sing better met with my douchery. One day, I decided I actually needed some technique, else be stuck in the same place forever; a scary prospect.

Enter: a coworker who’s a classically-trained tenor. He'd sing at the top of his lungs incessantly. At first, I found it show-offish. But soon, I saw him as someone else: a talented voice instructor, a genuine person, & friend- an invaluable person in my life. Were it not for him, my world would be a very different place: from the music I'm drawn to, to the way I sing, to my self-image.

He opened doors in my musical heart via opera, musical numbers, and jazz standards, & now it’s my turn to do that for him with folk vocalists, harmonies, and timeless lyrics.

17 tracks
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