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Green Eyes, Guns, and Dangerous Things


For his rare sub-classification, Harry is Guide on the run. With help from the hitman hired to kill him, they try to stop the organization that wants him dead.

An omegaverse + assassin AU ficmix for Tom/Harry.

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12 tracks
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Omg bless you! Sorry I didn't see this comment until just now but it makes me so happy that you like it. :D Tbh, I get a lot of my music from TV shows and movies - and from listening to a lot of 8tracks playlists lol. Thank you for the lovely comment! You clearly have great taste too. xx @monamieus

man, i love this so MUCH. i can't stop listening to it (not that i want to stop lmao). Where do you even find all this wonderful music??? ALL these songs are so good omg