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F★ck me Now ··· Love me Later (2012)


‘Heavy petting and beyond. Crisp and smooth, cozy, comfy and narcotic the tunes are, meant to accompany, rhythmically stabilize and foster the struggle for pleasure. All electronic, no songs, no voices.’

~ A tribute to KnowBounds

31 tracks
2 comments on F★ck me Now ··· Love me Later (2012)

Tantrix as fuck, I finally tried this out in the right circumstance and it was to apropos. Everything in its right place over and over...thank you again. Expect more comments on more listens...

Ich bete dich an!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Los Angeles with constant love-petting. I only wish I could have it in another format so I could have it on the go-go-go for such events of outside the sexual realms of internet