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Study Instrumentals #7: Concentration with Cellos


The deep resonating sounds of the cello. Let the music seep into you and give you a clarity of mind as you study. A combination of the old and the new :) Truth be told, it's a whole bunch of Beethoven surrounded by even more Bach cello suites...Enjoy!

50 tracks
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this is sooo good, i' ve been playing cello for 10 years now and you picked the best pieces:) can't thank you enough for making this awesomeness. do you play cello too?

I've played the cello for almost my whole life and am naturally very selective when it comes to cello playlists, however this exceeds expectations...and more. The tracks you chose could not be more perfect. Thank you for making a playlist that i can sit through without skipping tracks.

@hamstertangents Oh my gosh, thanks so much for your feedback, I'm beyond flattered! I had a hard time finding playlists featuring the cello, and having done one for the ever popular violin, I thought it'd be only fair to do it for its cousin :) I'm so happy you're enjoying the playlist <3

I've already listened to this playlist many times, and will surely listen to it many times more. Thank you for creating this superb compilation.