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Oh [I’ll come back] how the ghost of you clings [to haunt you] these foolish things [memories will taunt you] remind me [I will try to] of you [love you] | tracklist on tumblr:

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oh my I just wanted to say that the last time I listened to this playlist was like a year ago, and I didn't listen to it more often cuz it made me cry sm !! I adore this playlist, it's so well made :) xx

I love the Annotation and the telling of the story. It's really better that way and I just can't leave till it unfolds. Cuddos

@Hadtorefill Thank you so much!! The annotations are only for the first half of the mix. I had such /clear/ scenes in my head that went with those time period accurate songs and I had to share. I wanted to leave the modern songs open for listeners to make up their own little stories. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the comment!!