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Run, Little Rabbit, Run


"You have heart. You’re loyal. And you’re… special." 60-something songs perfect for your OTP— assuming your OTP involves stalking, kidnapping, zombies, attempted rape, cannibalism, machetes, and majorly creepy age differences. Your dark playlist for playing the Lakeside Resort or reading really fucked up David/Ellie fanfiction.

67 tracks
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Are you kidding me? I read this fic on a whim once due to an odd craving for David/Ellie. Now I'm going to cry since you're the one who wrote it, and you even made a mix for it. Thank you. Thank you so much. /cries

awww, thank you! Yeah, I needed inspiring songs to write my story. I'm STILL pounding out the last chapter ;_; just got sidetracked by work, midterms, and some new video games. I work on the fic daily, though, seriously.