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Love, Laugh, Learn


To help relax your mind if you're feelings stressed,
Or pick you up when you're not your best-
The music takes care of all the rest.

(Note: Tracks denoted by 'Excerpt' are simply tracks I have edited in order for the best listening)

48 tracks
3 comments on Love, Laugh, Learn

This is probably my favorite mix on here.. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this on repeat. It has cheered me up so many times and really helped with homework and exams. This mix just makes me so happy and rather nostalgic and emotional, it seems (good kind of emotional though)! Thank you!
P.S. you seem like an absolute dear!

Heavens! I am so touched by your comment, thank you!
I cannot take the credit, though, it's the amazing composers that deserve it.

I am so glad that this helps you study and ESPECIALLY glad that it makes you feel emotional (the good kind!). Music is meant to move us to emotion.

I hope my future playlists don't disappoint you ♡
P.S. You seem like an absolute dear, yourself!

I like this too, it's helping me revise for dreaded exams D: combination of all my favourite instrumentals, we appear to have similar taste :D

I've obliterated a few study playlists learning for exams, too.

If you're looking for music similar to this, try fabfilmer008. Her playlists are similar to mine, except for a few differences here and there.

Best of luck for exams!