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remember this when you are queen

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Oh, my. This brings all the Deathless feels rushing back. You've created such a lovely arrangement of music that perfectly captures the tone of the novel as it progresses. You brought one of my very favorite books to a new level of life. Thank you for sharing.

Aw thank you for the comment! Glad you enjoyed it and felt it captured the feel of the novel! Much appreciated <3

Most "Deathless"-inspired soundtracks don't do anything for me, but I love this one, how you've used instrumental music to convey the tone of the book & Marya herself-- magical, mundane, violent, compassionate. Well done!

Wow thanks so much for the nice words! Those were exactly the tones I was trying to get through :) Sort of light and magical at the start then a bit dark in a middle , then violent/epic and finally somber towards the end. Thanks again :)