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trigger discipline

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This mix serves as such a fantastic character study. I love how you've managed to capture both the suave and the badass aspects of Arthur, and that you blend them all together so seamlessly. It was really great to hear that DJ Poly track included - I'd say that was one of the strongest choices for the mix. Awesome job Pam, this is one of my new favorites for sure!

OMG Sara, doesn't that track just scream "ARTHURRRRR" and all his interpersonal relationship issues to you? It has been in the back of my head for a mix featuring him for such a long time and now I've finally gotten to use it!

I'm so glad it works as a coherent character study for you! That is definitely what I was aiming for. And yes, the DJ Poly track is the perfect kind of song of the point man face of Arthur. I'm really happy that you enjoyed this Sara; I definitely wanted to impress you.