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because I love you.


"i'll pressure you, and listen to you, and argue with you, and love you until the day I die"
songs that I feel embody our favorite royal couple.

30 tracks
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What do I think of this mix? Omg I like most def ( and not the rapper ) am in love with this mix. It like brought the most uh-mezing feels in my entire life. Like I most def ( and not the rapper ) like legit almost ran to my exes house and like poured out my heart because of this like legit mix tape. I like love it. And I like love you. And like you're uh-mezing. Please put another one. PS I'M COMING TO FIND YOU

i totes love this mix. it like gave me fray feels all over my body. i like completely cried while looking at the tags. it made me like illuminate all over. i totally pictured a whole fray movie in my head. so totes amaze. Legit uh-mazeing. You should make more mixtapes. I know a PR firm - PubLizity that are willing to represent call em' up. Uh-mezing. Legit!