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this is (un)real life

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@Core Radio I'm delighted you like it! Chillwave as a genre has become so diluted it's hard for me to find consummate chillwave anymore (that's why I loved your compilation Fuzzy Beaches!) I try scouring the playlists on 8tracks from users I see regularly publish chillwave-ish lists. Also I like taking advantage of the 'related tracks' button on soundcloud - when you find an epic song you can see all the songs related to it, often other great chillwave tracks and unknown chillwave artists. It's a treasure hunt, for sure.

@venus_hum Good to know! Glad you like Fuzzy Beaches - I really haven't been listening to the chill stuff for a long time. If you're looking for more vintage chillwave check out my mixes "Vanessa's Playlist" and my brand new one, "a Suburban Summer Romance". Thanks for the tips!