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A Winter's Tale


A mix for that NaNoWriMo novel I wish I had the time to work on.

An entrancing Hungarian baronness with a wicked smile. A dashing aristocrat claiming to be the true heir to the French throne. A widow who has discovered the secret to eternal youth. A curious cat perched on the windowsill, leaving behind cryptic messages. And one young girl, caught between two suitors and a domineering mother, desperately wishing for something more. A wish that is soon granted- at an unexpected price.

11 tracks
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This mix is so lovely!! And that novel sounds to die for! Good luck in writing it, I know I would be first in line to read something that sounds that intriguing!

I listen to this over and over again. Also, I have searched EVERYWHERE for the Crimson Petal and White soundtrack; did you buy the CD or can you tell me where you dl'd it from?

I believe I just googled it and downloaded it from whatever source I found, I can't say I completely remember! You could also trying to finding the song on Youtube and then putting it into a youtube-to-mp3 converter.