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Behold, The Beast


A music mix for legends born of blood and stone; for terrible creatures of rusted scales and blackened teeth and ancient hearts. For the dust in their veins and the hellfire on their breath.

9 tracks
5 comments on Behold, The Beast

Great and inspiring, but I'm afraid it played only five tracks for me: Ivory Tower, Pact Sworn in Blood, Iron, Heart of Courage and Misty Mountains. I would have loved to listen to the whole mix. Is there any tracklist?

love this, is there any way you could hook me up with ivory tower? couldn't find this particular version anywhere but here.

I can, surely! I honestly don't know remember how I found my version of it, but I'll be making several of my mixes downloadable and Beauty/Beast will be one of them (Ivory Tower is on that mix as well)