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Season of Eden; 1940


On the eve of summer, in the year 1940, war was creeping closer to Great Britain's doorstep. It was during this same summer that the children of three wealthy English families- the Faulteroys, the Demorests, and the Whittemores- were reunited once again at the summer estate where they had spent their childhood days. To them, the storm brewing on the horizon seemed distant; in their own garden of Eden, intoxicated by youth and the promises of summer, not even a war could look so terrible.

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5 comments on Season of Eden; 1940

The order of the tracks was actually frustrating for me because I kept rearranging them to see what fit best, so I'm glad you like the final product! :)

This is an astounding mix! I love Always Summer, it's so very reminiscent! You have such wonderful taste in music! Thank you for this mix!

Thanks so much for listening and I'm glad you liked it! I love the whole Brideshead Revisited soundtrack but Always Summer is definitely by favorite, and I agree, it has this lovely dreamy quality to it :)