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To A Dark Lady


For the white gloves of the temptress and the smile of the sadistic mademoiselle, the widow who wears her black beautifully and the virgin flower who hides poison in her petals. For the dark lady; she was the wrong girl to toy with, and the gentleman found this out in a most unfortunate manner.

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10 tracks
8 comments on To A Dark Lady

When the Valse Sentimentale started, I immediately thought of Odile, from the Swan Lake, for some reason... And I'm not even that much into instrumental music :P (Actually, it kinda makes sense, since, well, Tchaikovsky). Great playlist, by the way.

I have listened to this playlist too many times to count; it's perfect background music to writing essays because it makes me feel like conquering everything.

I can't stop listening to this playlist. I'm on my fifth play right now, and every time I'm just swept away by it. Thank you so much for sharing!

The second you drop The Crimson Petal and the White onto a mix, it becomes golden. Excellent work. Have to say I've never heard a mix I didn't like from you.