Is this playlist safe for work?

[mixtape exchange] the world is caving in


this is part of a game where you create a playlist based on a character of which you only have second-hand knowledge. (or, i mean, not technically; it's RP characters on the panfandom RP Pandora, but it is 2nd-hand knowledge for me because i live under a rock.)

the character is the governor from the walking dead. not sure how accurate i was. i added an annotation to the track if i chose it based on lyrics.

i wanted it to get gradually darker? there are also PROG ROCK BOOKENDS HELL YEAH. and then a bonus track for penny.

also, lorne and gov share a song on both their fanmixes. (i partially picked it for the tigers on the album cover NOT EVEN GONNA LIE.) they're, like, destined to be besties or something.

8 tracks