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Standing Against the Night


A mix for braving everything, one world at a time. Mix of Gaming, Movie and TV themes to get you ready for the next evil you face... or create...

Disclaimer: I dont own these songs

  • Flying through the Air by tomandandy
  • Mass Effect 3 by Earth
  • Two Steps From Hell by Freedom Fighters
  • Korra Medley by Medm
  • Those For the Purge by FINAL FANTASY XIII
  • Tomb Raider Overture by JasonGraves
  • Finale by Ramin Djawadi
  • Protecters of the Earth by Two Steps From Hell
  • Far Cry 3 "Journey Into Madness" Soundtrack 06 by DeWay
  • Legend of Zelda Main Theme (from 25th anniversary symphony performance) by thapancakes
  • Once Upon A Time ABC Soundtrack by Vesna Messec
  • Every Ending Needs A Beginning by Anno 2070
  • Coruscant, The Capital | Lennie Moore by The Old Republic
  • Epic Retrospective Soundtrack by The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Seasons Of War by Warcraft
  • Starcraft: Final Metamorphosis OST by Piotr Musial
  • Skyrim Theme Orchestra by Elder Scrolls
  • 01 The Secret World Theme by Slipperhero Sounds
  • Winged Angel by One
  • The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley by Dialgann
  • World Championship Login by LeagueofLegends
  • SOLAR FIELDS by Solar Fields
  • Piano Theme (Extended) by Guild Wars 2
  • Secunda (Skyrim) by Mimi Page
  • Bioshock Infinite — Elizabeth by stander
25 tracks