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A Little "Hip" Here And A Little "Hop" There And That's A "Rap"


Way outside my comfort zone.
Never done one of these mixes before so here goes nothing hope I don't upset too many people.

19 tracks
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I was bi-sexual, I'm a lesbian now though. I'm still attracted to guys but not nearly as much anymore and I'm cutting them completely out of the picture until I can at least heal from the trauma in my past. Women have always been the most beautiful creatures to me though, just never had a close connection with the right one yet. I've definitely had my share of other fun though. ;) ;)

@verrierhill @DJ_Serenity This just in, women are the most beautiful thing to look at while tripping. Haha, I can't remember where that article is, but someone wrote about how the female body is the most psychedelic image for art. It was an interesting read.