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A Shot of Alternative


All out of my Alternative library.
Bands include Saints B 52's Church Clash etc.
Enjoy alternative music lovers.

39 tracks
2 comments on A Shot of Alternative

Instant smile here. It's nice to see a slight break away from the headbangin'. Love this so far!

And I have to say, I love coming back to your mixes, not for the music. Don't get me wrong, the music is so fantastic, but the commentary between you and @DJ_serentiy is so so wonderful! I love reading your comments back and forth! It's what 8tracks is all about! <3 you two! And seriously, I love this mix. You cannot go wrong at all here. Keep up the wonderful my man. :)

@nulkmad Try again I tried to reply earlier but when I clicked say it, it only posted part of the message.
So spread the m more than twice her age.
Stay cool man.

I actually noticed that last night and forgot to fix it Cheers DJ-Serenity.
Glad you enjoyed
Thank you for your kind comments.
Stay insane my good friend.