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All Aussie Zippitty Rock Rock Holiday Mix


Someone said pretty please so I had to do it.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone
Cheers Zippittybopbop for the inspiration.
Threw a few in for those north of the Equator spending it in the cold.

70 tracks
3 comments on All Aussie Zippitty Rock Rock Holiday Mix

im singing and dancing lol this song is for you for being so good to me its heart on my sleeve by gallager and lyle,without people like you and me in this world we will never be alone,life begins at 50 lol your music is an inspiration to so many :)

keep positive :):) happy songs bop away :) remember always smile,at people, it makes them wonder, what your thinking, see your smiling lol :)

@zippittybopbop-144 lol you're so right. My problem is the smile breaks into a laugh and that really makes them wonder.:-) Cheers for the pick me up comments.

whoo hoo,thank you very much phil,i now have a great lot of music to listen to,i cant thank you enough,cheers,hope you have a fabulous holiday,keep smiling and spirits up :):):)