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Big Bad Noise

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just used pumping on steel on an alternative universe 2.0 - such a great track. Did you know he is in the studio with Stevens recording a new cd currently?

It is a great tune.
That's great news can't wait to hear what comes from that.
Cheers for taking time to tune in again.
Stay cool mate.

Oh yeah.... Alice Cooper. Huge fan of his. Got his boxed set and listen to it all the time. He's a really nice guy too. Saw him years ago on his Dead Babies Tour.

Hi Anita
He has a 2hr radio show we get here at 9pm plays great music and comes across as Mr nice guy
Only seen him live on dvd's.
Thank you for your kind comments Anita
Stay crazy love it.

Hi Phil. Just started listening. Awesome opening track! What a way to start the morning!
You're getting ahead of me. I haven't had the chance to listen to all your new stuff yet, but the one labeled 2010-13 is killer! You outdid youself on that one.

Hi Anita
Why thank you so very much for your kind comments
As for the rest of the mixes they're not going anywhere so just listen when you feel like it
Must warn you I just got a heap of new cd's to replace some of my record collection so i'm in the groove at the minute to make mixes.
I don't expect you or anyone else to keep up.
Cheers Anita you have a bitchin' day

Good morning Anita,
I wish I could say yes but that would be a lie.
If it was I wouldn't be making music mixes i'd be out running an absolute muck.
Could have so much fun on it in traffic.
Enjoy your day mate.