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Blues For Breakfast


Wake up with some blues for your Sunday breakfast.
Let BB King , Stevie Ray , Howlin' Wolf , JJ Cale Eric Clapton , Muddy Waters & many more help you get your Sunday started carry on through lunch and into dinner all with a beer close by.
Have a great Sunday fellow music lovers.

85 tracks
7 comments on Blues For Breakfast

This mix is soooo sick I HAD to comment twice!!! Well done man. Please let me know if and when you upload another mix as awesome as this

@mando29392 Thank you so much for your kind comments. As for letting you know. I make many lists so you should follow me and they will automatically come to you then you can see if they are up to standard. Everyone has different tastes and moods they like to listen to so all mixes I make are for myself and my wife and our mood at the time. If that suits other peoples tastes and mood that is an added bonus. Thanks for dropping in and giving it a spin. Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Stay cool fellow music lover................

@nulkmad Mate I love the blues but the above mention songs are outstanding.Cheers for giving it a spin and thanks for your kind comments man much appreciated stay cool good friend.BTW thanks for the mention on your home page I noticed it a while ago just haven't said anything yet.