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Bye For Now But Not Forever !


I'm pissed off at the fact certain record labels won't allow people outside of the US to streamline all the music in playlists. I've spent around $1000 on music in the last 12 months due to this site but for some reason cause I live outside of U.S.A. streaming has been limited. 8 tracks is doing their best to resolve this outrageous problem but until they do I'm ceasing sharing playlists. I will never buy music from these certain music labels again until this is resolved.

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How the hell are you??!!! Seems you are still here, and I am glad for it! I finally bought into the 8 tracks paid subscription thing. I am a shadow dweller, haven't put out a single mix, sorta like a voyeur....... I was missing my liked mixes too much. Problem is I have shitty internet at my home and business and really hate investing money on something I have at times sketchy access to. Anyway, I am thrilled to see you are still active and still producing mixes. Rock on!!!

@daddyoh! I'm cruising along staying out of trouble, I will always be here mate, probably not as often as I was.. Glad to hear your doing well. Great to hear from you. Until next time .....ROCK ON!!!

@daddyoh! Hey daddyoh! things have improved on here at least now it seems I can listen to my playlists without them skipping so I will be back in the near future to do more playlists for our listening pleasure. Cheers man take care and rock on........

hey btw pls lmk if you listen to any of my mixes and that happens to you... we'll figure out a way around this... if you're on dropbox, maybe i could just upload the mixes and you could listen to them that way if that's not too much of a pain...?

@aunt13 Hey Aunt you have made me smile this time. Just to let you know yes it does happen on your playlists. Sometimes it only skips one or two songs other times it only plays two three or four songs and skips to the next playlist. I started playing peoples very early playlists and it seems they don't skip as much but whether this is luck or coincidence I'm not sure. On the upside it seems my playlists now play in full for me and other people. My biggest problem with all this was the fact I couldn't even listen to my own playlists I put together with my own music without them skipping. However they for now seem to have fixed this outrageous problem. I mainly do playlists for my own entertainment purpose I don't really care about likes and listens. In saying that it does feel good when people leave kind comments and a playlist goes gold. As for dropbox never even heard of it before. Maybe to get around it I can change my address on my profile to an American address but surely it wouldn't be that easy. More than likely goes off the computer address. Anyway Aunt in closing my name is Phil and I thank you for all your support. Love you and your playlists. Bye for now but not forever. Cheers mate.

@aunt13 @verrierhill Holy... I had no idea this was a problem. And yes, please let me know about Dropbox too. Look into it. It is a free storage/file sharing site that is extremely helpful for music lovers like ourselves. I am glad to see you haven't left for good. <3

Dude, havent listened to the playlist yet but just read the title and description. You are honestly making me sad.... Hope you can get this resolved, I have honestly looked forward to your playlists as they come out. I live up in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan near Lake Superior and our remote local radio is less than inspiring. .. Have looked for your playlists and 8 tracks to give me a break from the white bread playlists and current pop on the radio. No, don't have the gumption or funds for purchasing on the internet. Plus that I enjoy the trip of hearing a song that I haven't heard in 20 or more years! Hope the phoenix may rise again! Wish you luck in love and life.

I discussed this with 8tracks via their FB page. They said that they are trying to find a solution. I hope they will.

@sagym Yeah man I really hope they do to, I really like this site and the music lovers I've met on here. To be honest I don't think they will find that solution in the near future if at all.............

OH NO :( I am so sorry to hear this Phil...this really does make me sad. I'll have to get to listening to all your old playlists but I don't have internet as much as I want now so it might be a little while until I get to it and i'm going through a really bad break up right now so I have those not so good feels right now as well. I will be missing you. <3

@DJ_Serenity Hi sweet Krissy. Yes very sad times for both of us. I will still be listening and commenting. When you get to listening to one of my mixes would you comment and let me know if you get it in full please? I know I only get about one quarter of most mixes but I don't know if people in US get all of mine.......Cheers mate..... If you ever need a shoulder to cry on my email is on my profile page. Take care keep your head held high.

Well that's good you will still be around. I have two mixes you haven't listened to yet but I figured you were just skipping to go back later like I do. I hope you actually saw them to listen to as an option! I always comment or like it when I listen to one of your mixes. I feel like it's been skipping some songs though if that's what you mean...I will for sure email you! It will be nice to keep in touch. I got rid of my facebook so all I use now is email and Skype. Hope to chat soon. @verrierhill

@DJ_Serenity Yes I was aware but as you know on this site time just runs out. I will actually put one up now and give it a spin. Cheers mate........ Hope to chat soon.