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3 comments on Chillin'

@zippittybopbop-144 Hi there, Going through a bit of a hard period at the moment but you may be able to inspire my to do an all Aussie zippity rock rock mix. Does that get your approval?

@verrierhill good morning,so sorry to hear that,thinking of you,i hope you feel better soon,YES PLEASE i would love a zippitty rock rock mix,that sounds great thank you very much :):):)

OMG NO WAY "Hello' by Evanescence is one of my favorite songs by them. I was obsessed with this whole album growing up! You're awesome for sharing such an underrated song love. <3

@DJ_Serenity Yes I'm back I'm also working again and I made this long list to sit down and watch Australia's biggest car racing event Bathurst's an all day event which is great to watch but I don't like listening to the commentators. I just chilled out to this mix while watching the race all day.