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Hello Phil!!! Just got through reading some of your comments on my old mixes. They brought tears to my eyes! I've missed this so much! I LOVE this mix, especially Seasick Steve! He's singing the story of my life. It really has been a long, long road. I'm so very glad you're still doing your mixes and I think I'm really back this time. Hope life is treating you well. Can't wait to hear from you!

@buttercupscooter Hi Anita, What a wonderful surprise. I don't get on here as often as I used to. Really glad you made it back. How's Nelly? How's the art going? How the hell are you? Great to hear from you. Speak again soon.

@verrierhill Hi Phil. Wow, I'm so glad to hear from you! Nellie is great - still kickin' ass and not takin' names. She'll be 20 years old next year and she's still got it. The art is great! I stay busy with it and decorating our house. We moved to North Carolina and bought an old funeral home (no kidding). It had already been converted to a home, so I'm gypsy - ing up the place. Old hippie that I am. I went through some rough stuff, but hey, don't we all. As usual, music is a huge part of getting me through and I never forgot about you and all the folks on 8 tracks. I've missed it and I've been working up my next play list. So, how the hell are you? Still driving a truck? How's the missus and that gorgeous daughter of yours? Great to talk to you again!

@buttercupscooter Wow a gypsy x funeral home, love the idea, sounds awesome. I am still a truck driver. absolutely love it. gotta fly Anita.