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Dance Workout


Way out of my comfort zone
Wanted to try something new
Remixes mega medley's and dance mixes mainly.
Enjoy the dance workout
Various intensities

26 tracks
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Oh Phil! I love when you go outside your comfort zone because it really brings something else to the table!! Really enjoy these. All your mixes are great though!!! Time to dance :D Opening song is SOOOOO on point today. :D

@DJ_Serenity That would be awesome I could do with a big hug right now. My dear grandmother passed away on the Eve of my birthday. Even though she made it to 100 years old it doesn't make it any easier when they go. If you want to jump on a plane and come and give me a great big hug that would be awesome. I was in the middle of doing a mix for my birthday party when I received the news so the party and the mix have been put on hold.

@verrierhill I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother Phil. I would love to give you a hug but jumping on a plane is the last thing I can really do now. I can barely do anything other than online. I've become an online hermit ever since I got away from my most recent abusive ex, can barely stay away from home too long unless I want to go into a panic attack. But that's just my life and it's what I have to deal with for now. I hope I'll be able to travel over your way someday when I'm in a better state of mind. I'm sending all my love to you Phil. I can't imagine how heartbreaking it must be!!! :(

@DJ_Serenity Don't be sorry Krissy. I feel I'm the one that should be sorry (and I am). She couldn't live for ever. What you are dealing with is much harder and you have a long life ahead of you. If I can help in any way just let me know. Love and hugs from your mate here in Oz Phil. Would you like me to start calling you Violet?

We all are dealing with tough things! My experience is no worse than yours just different! I really appreciate your kind words though. I've been doing well on my own, but if I ever need the support I know who to come to now. :) I would love if you called me Violet but only if you can remember to! I don't want to put any unnecessary strain on you.

Even calling me "Serenity" would be a step up from Krissy/Kristin. You're awesome Phil. Just know that no matter what you call me that everything is okay but thanks for asking me what I prefer! It means a lot you care. :)