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This mix was inspired by a close follower that recently broke her silence by sending some awesome kind comments (only equalled by 1 other close follower Krissy)
In her comments she made mention of "Down N Dirty Rock N Roll"
Well thank you Anita.
I wish the girls down under shared the music tastes of you two American ladies.
Hope every one that listens to this mix enjoys my version of down n dirty rock n roll
May encourage movement of feet head and vocal chords

35 tracks
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Trust me, I'm not a fan of what passes for country music these days. I think there are only 3 songs in the mix that are post 1980's.
You are absolutely right.... just love music. My musical tastes are all over the place. To tell you the truth though, I'm right there with you on the 80's music. I grew up listening to Grand Funk, Led Zep, Aero Smith, etc. I'm just a rocker at heart.

Well..... to answer your question, I haven't got a damn clue. I guess it was just a matter of making time to do it. I'm so happy that you really like what I've put together. Having listened to most of your awesome mixes, I'm really flattered that you like mine. I'm putting together a country music mix now and after that.... who knows.

I'm not a big fan of country doesn't mean I won't listen to it I just may not be as positive with comments but please put a bit of country rock in their.
We're all just music lovers at the end of the day hey Anita.

You are to kind
Excellent,so glad I can still do that for you Anita.
Thanks for giving it a spin.
Listening to your 80's mix only have one question why the fuck have you waited so long to do mixes?
They are insane.

Thanks for tuning in I know how hard it is to find time.
Yes love me Santana and I think the fact he is down to earth really comes across in his music.
Went into your home page yesterday and I see I think 4 or 5 liked mixes in a row thanks for the advertising i'm sure people would go there and listen to your liked mixes or may be not but that's what I do.Even so I feel honoured that they are there.
Thanks for all your help stay cool man.

Morning Phil..... Guess what I did! Thanks to your rocking, crazy, Down N Dirty Rock N Roll inspiration, I made a mix! Just put it on. Let me know what you think of this crazy artist lady now! LOL Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Well you've been listening for a while now so it's probably about time you did one yourself.Can't wait to hear what's in your brain.I haven't met a dumb artist yet they are usually quite smart.So there shouldn't be any echoing inside there.
Thanks mate already half way through.Very impressed so far.Great cover art nice flow and most of all great music.
Cheers Anita.
You are an artist this time you're painting a picture with music and doing a excellent job of it.