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Friends Forever


I would really love to spread this playlist around the world.
I made this mix for a special friend on this site DJ_Serenity who is going through some very heavy shit at the moment. Just want her to know we're here for her. Please show your love and support for a young lady with a heart of gold.
I'm sure she's not the only person on this site going through tough times. This playlist is for anyone in need of a friend right now......
Love and hugs from across the Pacific Ocean.

12 tracks
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This is so cool so far and the description really warmed my heart!!! Love you Phil!!! You're so awesome :D Really particularly like the Bryan Adams song, getting my dancing shoes on. :P

@DJ_Serenity Some of the lines in a couple of the songs may be a little inappropriate but I'm sure you won't take it wrongly. In particular the second song it was more about taking you for a ride through the mountains on the back of my bike where I find you don't have a worry in the world. Glad you're enjoying hope it brings brightness to your day.