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Heading Off To The Headbangers Ball


Yes at 49 I do love to headbang and here's some tunes to help me do just that.
Take hair out of ponytail and stretch those neck muscles.

43 tracks
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@DJ_Serenity Hi Krissy. I actually thought you had already listened to this one. It's one of my better mixes and I'm listening to it myself tonight on the piss and banging heads.

@DJ_Serenity Ok mate don't know if it's the age difference or country of residence but I have absolutely no idea what the numbers mean. I do know that I'm the one that is truly blessed to have a 8 tracks buddy like you and for that I thank you. :))) <3.......

We must have had a beer or two in the garage together in some other dimension...I feel like I'm at an old friend's home whenever I listen to your mixes. Grab me a beer out of the fridge next time you're up, will ya'? :-)

@jules1105 Must have been awhile ago. I used to drink a lot of beer but kept getting yeast infections so now I'm on a strict Bourbon only diet.haha. Anyway I do the mixes so must be your shout..................Cheers for the great comments.. Do you live in Brisbane?