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"Just Chillin"


Just listening to some new tunes I've recently added to my music library.
There's old and new tunes but all new to my library.
Enjoy S.K. You're way to kind!!!! 18 min. of Sabbath to end with.
60's to 2013.

36 tracks
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Its music marathon in nulk's house. Today's artist selection: Verrierhill. Im excited for the next hours of musical bliss.

And by the way, while i write this, your opening song is setting the mood. Perfectness brotha. *prepares for a great evening*

Glad to see you found the time man.
Yes if your here to listen to all the mixes you haven't heard yet it will be a marathon.Might need to take the week off.
Wow just feeling a little humble had some HUGE visitors.
Thanks Guys
If you have time to answer did the Sabbath play right.
Thanks for all the kind comments

I wish my
However I did say I make my mixes for up my bar.
Which is my mancave where we play pool .
I will look it up and have one though.
The answer to the original question is yes it would.
Nice chatting.

ah, hence my "confusion." good chilling drink for when its hot. be sure to get the copper mug. email off line if you want to chat music, etc -

Glad you liked the mix
Don't know to much about Moscow mules so the comment has me confused.
As always a pleasant (somewhat confusing) surprise to have you drop by
Cheers my friend.
Thanks for tuning in.