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Missing You S.K.


I miss my besty.
21 songs one for every year of her life.
Bye for now
Not for ever.
Good bye Krissy
Stay Insane mate.

21 tracks
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You just did.
Excellent so glad your back.
Not asking any questions just glad your back.
Got the following email first and I looked at the photo and said
YES she's back.
BTW Love the new name.
I have a request if or should I say when you do your first mix can you please include Boys who rape should be killed.
Ravonettes is it?
Thank you for making my day.
I've done quite a few mixes while you've been on leave.
Stay insane mate

I will definitely add that song Phil! You always make my day when you comment on my mixes as well. I will be listening to yours and posting a couple of mixes this week myself. Can't wait! Stay insane always <3 :D

I'm back Phil!!! :D sorry i left i got rid of my facebook which was connected to this. ill be listening to this mix tonight hopefully and sure i will be just as impressed as always! :) you have always been a great music buddy and i'm so happy to be back! cheers :)

No she did not.(I Hope)
She was one of my favourite dj's and now her site is no longer here.Don't know why.And I miss her kind comments on my mixes.We were just good friends on here and now she's gone.