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Shit I Listened To Growing Up (VI)(18hrs)(279 songs)


Just some tunes that take me back to growing up you know that journey called life.
The More Recent Ones Just Mean I'm Still Growing Up.Lol
This mix is all over the place so make sure you are strapped in tight.May even be eclectic.
Mixed Genre All years.
Enjoy my friends.......

275 tracks
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It's definitely a mission done it 3 times myself.
Many thanks for your kind comments.
It makes me happy to make others happy glad I could do that for you.
You have a wonderful day Anita
Stay crazy love life.

Whoo Hoo!!! I listened to the whole thing.... all 279 songs.
I gotta tell ya Phil, I feel like I've been on a musical excursion through rock n roll history! My ears are very happy!
You are the bomb..... the mac daddy..... the shit. What an awesome collection of music!

Mornin' Phil. Nice to meet you. I'm Anita.
I have to tell you..... I've been listening to 8tracks for a while now and you're the only genius on here that's got my musical taste nailed down tight!
Agree with you...... too much techno. Love my down n dirty rock n roll!

Morning to you Anita.Lovely to meet you.
WOW what a huge compliment only one other person has said something like that and that is the lovely lady that leaves lovely comments on all my mixes Krissy.
The part I find amazing is you are both girls.
You lady's in the great land we call America definitely have better taste in music than here down under.
Must get ready for work it's 4 am here and you young lady have made my day and I must thank you for that.
Keep lovin life bye for now but hopefully not for ever.
Have a great day Anita.

Just read your reply. LOL. Check out my new profile. Definitely female here. Thanks for the compliment paid to my car. Nellie will appreciate that (that's her name).
BTW........Absolutely Fabulous mix!

Thanks for all your kind comments
Awesome profile page.
Glad you enjoyed the mixes
Keep enjoying life
Life's good.