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Shit Your Grandfather Drank To

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@green eyed lady As do I. Unless your 80+ don't think you can be my grandmother. Ooh that brought a tear she only passed recently. Please don't be sorry she lived a full life made it to 100 years old. You seem sweet, honey. Lol ;-D

@verrierhill Oh, I am sorry, my mom passed away six months ago.I'm sure that someday we are all going to be reunited. I love to be in touch with elderly people, they are so wise and they have lots to teach us. Do pray for your granny to have a beautiful espiritual journey, I'm sure she will. I think I sound crazy tou you. LOL That's what I believe in.

Greetings again from Niagara in Canada. Yup, yet another great play list. With you creating these, I no longer need to collect my own music. Keep it up my aussie friend.

@ jadedgrrl Wow what a sweet surprise.......Hello I wondered if you'd come back again. Short stay or are you back to make some of your awesome playlists again. Missed ya mate. Cheers for dropping in and saying hello.