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Short n Sweet "Hard Rock n Heavy Metal"

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The picture of the dog is hilarious! I love it! I miss you Phil. I had to get a new Facebook if you're ever interested in adding me back. Sending lots of love. The first song on this is great so far. LOVE Limp Bizkit!!! I'm about to hop in the shower with this mix. You're the best!!!!

@DJ_Serenity Yes please send me a friend request to Philip Hill. I've missed you too. I actually have been relistening to your playlists. Listened to the latest one quite a few times but cause I'm outside your great land it only plays 4 or 5 songs which is disappointing (Bloody record label rules). Hopefully they will get over this issue shortly.

I sent you a friend request from Violet Davis. I'm actually going to be changing my legal name to Violet, but a different last name as soon as I can. I don't want to be associated with my abusive family anymore. SO glad you liked the playlist. I'm actually putting it together in a Youtube playlist right now for you and I'll send you the link to it when I'm done. :)

It won't let me post the link to the playlist here in the comments. :( I'll message the playlist to you on FB but your going to have to actually check my message this time. :P

I'm talking about the messages on Facebook. They might have went to your "other" box because I wasn't on your friends list. I sent you the link to the playlist there for my Nobody's Home mix. :)