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Someone Special

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You'll always have a special place in my heart Phil! In case you didn't realize this, I'm Violet. I'm technically the one who was your music buddy all that time for the most part before we found out we were multiple people. Just thought you should know. That was me. :)

@DJ_Serenity Much love always my good friend. You are so very special and don't you ever forget that. stay strong Serenity have missed you heaps. Very glad your special friend Violet has been helping you out she seems to love you very much.. Bye for now but never forever. I want to say stay insane but not sure how you would take it. Instead I'll say be good or be good at it. Big gentle hugs mate...........

@DJ_Serenity I'm now listening to it with a tear in my eye. It's just not fair you should be in your prime right now instead you are working through tough times. I know you will get their in the end...

@DJ_Serenity I thought that, I didn't want to say on here as I wasn't sure if you wanted people on here to know what was going on. Thanks for confirming that.

@verrierhill Thank you Phil! I know this whole situation is probably really confusing since we kept changing our names and using the same name for so many of us. The girl who goes by Serenity now wasn't actually around when we were making the mixes before, she was dissociated away. It was me, Violet, who made most of the mixes on the old profile when we first met. That was actually me, I just go by Violet now. I didn't realize it was me until tonight, because I haven't been very self-aware. We will always be music buddies and I'm really happy we've reconnected on Facebook. Thank you for being so supportive to all of us! Stay insane is fine if it's used in a nice, friendly way. :) Big gentle hugs right back! We will get through this. We're a lot better off now than we were before, at least we are actually working through our problems now. Before we were in abusive relationships and treated badly but now we can finally start taking care of ourselves. Just need to try to keep our attitude strong, but it can be really tough. Take care Phil.

@DJ_Serenity Yep the one and only. Not to foul for fifty. I was thinking about you when making this mix. To me you are very special. Bye for now but hopefully not forever.

@DJ_Serenity You mentioned that when I posted "Hello". That's why it's there, not to remind you of tough times but to remind you how strong you are.