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Weather and Seasons

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Damn Phil..... you've been busy! I'm way behind in my listening. Gonna try to catch up this weekend.
BTW..... awesome first track on this one. I've never heard that one before.
You're keeping my ears very happy!
Oh my gosh.... the 2nd track just came on, Grease!!!!! I love it!
Take care and keep it up!

Hi Anita,
You recon I've been busy boy have I got some catching up to do been spending most of my spare time making mixes so have you by the looks of it.
Cheers for your kind comments.

It's all your fault ya know! You've crated a monster! lol It's way too much fun, right? I can't believe one of my 60's/70's mixes went gold. I feel like I won an Oscar or something. Silly, I know, but cool nonetheless. Thanks for being so kind and keeping me going on this music thing!