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2 comments on This Is My World

I don't know words in English that would express how much I love this playlist. This is for sure the most beautiful Clark Kent playlist I have ever listened. You showed us Clark's heart and only by music (words would be insufficient in this case), told me who he truly is, his compassion, him being stranger that can't be truly accepted (I had this strong impression while listening Nuages by Debussy) and his history. For the whole time I was constantly whispering to myself "This is perfect, how is this real, i love it, oh god so beautiful". It was such a brilliant idea to put here "Jupiter" by Gustav Holst AND "Mars" in Bruce's playlist! So amazing! Also when I go on your 8tracks, see covers for "This is my world" along with "Diamond absolutes" and how they both are turned back to each other, my heart just can't take it, it's too much. These two being separated are perfect and fantastic but together they are true masterpiece. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating this! You are a genius :D

You're the first person who noticed the Mars and Jupiter parallel! I'm so happy that you've recognized the feeling of otherness, but also the overwhelming love and compassion. I wanted this playlist to be gentle yet powerful, just like Clark himself. Thank you so much for your comment, it made my heart melt!

@zuza1903 It's pretty simple really - I always loved the characters and absolutely loved the BvS movie. At that time I was going through exploring-the-classical-music phase. Some of them immediately reminded me of Bruce and Clark (Koyaanisqatsi and Preisner's concerto were my first picks for Bruce; for Clark it was Agnus Dei and Melody of Love). So then I came up with the idea of making classical playlists. There are of course some exceptions because I find that some more contemporary pieces fit their characters nicely. And there you have it!