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Charming Loft


Dreaming of a life in a charming loft in a far away land, reading fairytales, drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon, getting in arguments with the Mayor, and finding your place in the world. A place for lost memories, brave hearts and happy endings. A non-instrumental soundtrack inspired by Storybrooke, Maine.

“Oh, it's a... hidden gem. Peaceful, perfect for children... It's like a fairytale. You should come visit sometime.”

tracklist: http://tinypic.com/r/fbxco2/8

42 tracks
3 comments on Charming Loft

Oh my god this playlist is beyond! Ive been listening to it all morning as I write! It's perfect for this fanfiction I'm writing-- just the thing I was looking for! Thanks so much, it's awesome! :)

This is amazing! I loved and listened to the whole thing. The 'For Emma' song was a perfect fit! Will you mind checking out my new Snowing mix? I would appreciate it. I love the Charming a ton.