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did you wanna play that game again?


you were too old to play with little girls
we made it a game
but you always won
why didn't you get friends your own age?
would they have let you touch them too?

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i really like your mix's, they help me cope alot in a way? but i'm terribly sorry for what happened to you, you're very lovely and you deserved nothing that happened to you. i hope you're okay, you're amazing and noone had the right to do what they did. have good day/night!!!

@111718 oh wow thank you!! im glad to hear that, i make them myself to cope so im glad it can help others! you're very darling and kind, thank you. i'm alright as of now. thank you for your words. they mean an awful lot. you too!!

@vampyrefay thank you love! Ive been between states-- i left an abusive situation and im currently safer? But im having difficulty coping. I find its when im finally safe that these things come to me. But im beginning therapy next week so i should be better. Thank you for