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on the cannibal's menu


they're coming to eat me
they know i'm afraid
you can never escape the bad men
their hunger shakes streets
their claws tear up beds
and they're going to eat me alive

("am i delicious? do i make a better meal than i do a person? is this all that I am good for?")

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I pray both of you meet kind people and good things happen to you from now on! Great mix dearest! You deserve peace and love!

@victimyouth im sorry. i wanna tell you that recovery in all occasions at all times is possible. i was abused for over 15 years physically, sexually and psychologically and i just want you to know that you not only survived but lived,and if you were strong in broken places then doesnt that make you extraordinarily strong?

@Victor roy eacker thank you. i', so terribly beyond sorry about what happened to you, darling. i have lived that very same life. this mix is particularly about when i was trafficked as a child, so it really is about my abuse. thank you so much. i wish i was strong, but i mostly just feel broken and empty from the trauma i endured. i hope i can be strong, like you, i really hope i can be one day. i fear ill be like this forever.

@victimyouth im so sorry you went through that, im so sorry that even happened. Neither of us deserved what happened to us. i'm trying to find the right words to say but its hard, when i look back at what happened to me i think of why it happened no answers come up, because there was no reason for it to happen. I just want you to know that nothing is set in stone, You have just as much of a chance of recovery as anyone else, its absolutely possible and you can be living proof of that. feelings of emptiness can be replaced with stronger emotions, optimism and ambition for example. you still have value as a human being, that itself will never change. you can do a complete recovery, For me personally it took months and years but i did recover and i never wanna feel the way i used to. You can get better, alot better.

@Victor roy eacker neither of us deserved that, you are very right. thank you for your kindness. there was no reason. for a very long time, i felt cursed or fated for this pain, but i know it was just a circumstance of life, sadly. thank you. i do want to be a worthwhile person, and i want to be strong. i am so tired of this consuming me. i sincerely want to be better. i hope i can take the right path to happiness. thank you.