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what a good, cute kid I am!


Who's a clever boy? Who's a cute girl?
Who's a sweet kitty? Who's a good puppy?
It's me! It's me! Pick me! Pick me!
Love me! Love me!
You can do anything to me, please, just love me!
I promise I'll be cute! Submissive and sweet!
Just someone please love me!

-- - -
regression and re-victimization are my favorite R words y'know? ♡♡♡♡ i fell in love with all my abusers and i think thats what fucks me up the most

-- happy sounding songs for ugly feeling emotions. this is a coping mix for my psychological trauma, PLEASE respect that. do not incorporate it into your kink. --

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ahhh, your mixes have always been perfect, no matter what feelings or thoughts they come from... i really hope you're okay, friend, i've been a listener of yours for a long time!! :^> i'm sending you all my love and best thoughts!!

@haruspool. omg ur darling,,,, thank u for having a spot for me in your big heart!!!! youre a real life angel. i just got discharged from a treatment facility yesterday (for another failed suicidal gesture ;^;), this makes me so happy to be back in the real world knowing you care. Thank you!!! I hope to be better soon. All that love to u