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Mix Party 2015


Last year I started a project to make a note of every song that made my ears perk up, both new or familiar. Basically just trying to capture the excitement when you think "That's a pretty great song" or "Oh yeah! Haven't heard that in a while. Great song." Here's a very small smattering of strictly new stuff I came across that simply made the hairs in my ears tingle. That cover pic? Well that's just an example of one week's worth of music from 2014.

8 tracks
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Very nice, Victor. I was a little worried when I didn't see your name on the Mix DVD, but this definitely made up for it.

@alexthehack Thanks Alex. Hopefully you got to listen to all of it. 8tracks removed three tracks but I think I replaced the correct ones. I almost passed but I knew I couldn't let certain folks down.