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Ultimate 80's

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The worst thing you could be in the '80s was gay. AIDS first reared its ugly head in '82, and the govt was none-too-subtle about blaming the gay community - one of Boy George's boyfriends was murdered. Gays were driven underground, and they couldn't easily get hold of condoms. If it became known you were gay, you were almost as good as dead, particularly in large cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham.

You'd both have thought VERY differently if you HAD lived through the '80s. Know why the music was so good back then (well, mostly)…? Cos it was all we fucking had! If you wanna know what the '80s was REALLY like, listen to Heaven 17's Penthouse & Pavement (why'd you think it was called thus…? Because it was Us vs. Them, just like it is now). Listen to New Model Army, The The, Aztec Camera, The Jam, The Style Council, Big Audio Dynamite… why'd you think Madchester happened…?! Cos Maggie'd finally fucked off! She'd have sold her soul if she could (and if she'd had one…).