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his prince charming ♡ zen


"i feel like i'm cinderella...and then i met prince charming. you're the one strong and beautiful, like that prince. i've been bewitched from the first moment i saw you. i want to be a better person to you, who's cursed me with happiness."
a classy & romantic korean mix for you and the dreamy zen ~

9 tracks
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I manage my time in order to listen to this playlist as many times as I can (curse 8tracks' 8 hours policy!), I love this so much! It really fits the tone of the ZenxMC; every song is perfect! By the way, there's a song here where both the title and performer are (I'm guessing) Korean, which I have no understanding of. I'd like to listen to it more often but I can't look it up, do you know what it is?

@princekiller ah thank you! oh my gosh! i can't believe i made that mistake, haha ^^;;;; i was so rushed in adding the name to the mixes i didn't realize. thank yo for telling me!