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a maniac out in front of me


Imahana sweetest mix
not for a lovely couple.

"I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun
I'll be the bright in black that's making you run."

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8 tracks
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Damn, your mixes are so good! I love them so much, especially this one, I'm still cursing 8tracks for paving a replay limit because I just want to listen to this one on repeat for a long long time ;_;
Anyways, thank you for making such awesome playlists! :3

Oh my god THANK you so much, this is so sweet. I just love to listen to certain musics and imagine things with it. The first track of this mix "Love runs Out" It's something about a love counselor trying to understand Imayoshi's and Hanamiya's relantionship after married. They both just stares at eachother like that, and tells eachother about every single annoying thing they do, provoking eachother till the end. Ahahah so fun! Anyway, thank you! <3