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maybe tonight, I'll call ya


Daisuga Fanmix

[ and also a little based on "But for me, There's a storm" PACIFIC RIM AU fanfic go check]

So it's a bit of good and heartfuckingbreaking sorry.

art is not mine,
from CINNAMON "hey you! What can I do?"
read here:

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I love that fanfic! I just finished getting caught up and oh lawd it's so good! I can't wait for it to be updated! I've never cried so much reading a fanfic!!

@viiolent Ohhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooo I'm gunna cry. What if when he get's nightmares remembering it he just clutches it screaming and sobbing but that's the only thing that gives him comfort because that's one of the few things he left behind and I need to stop I'm crying T-T