twenty something. fiery ginger. leo. slytherin. disenchanted female. overthinker. summer child. night owl. villain enthusiast. a storm with skin. a walking contradiction. night owl. avid reader & writer. daydreamer. music junkie. lover of the occult. coffee extraordinaire. hopeless wanderer. halloween queen.

marvel. petermj. peter parker. mary jane watson. spiderman. deadpool. the punisher. daredevil. lucifer. deckerstar. anne boleyn. the tudors. penny dreadful. vikings. kalijah. koltherine. kaitherine. datherine. sheriarty (elementary). game of thrones. fire & blood. sherlock. star wars. phaslo ( kylo ren x captain phasma ) beauty and the beast. disney. mad queen. edgar allen poe. the evil queen. poison ivy. batman. bucky barnes.